100 Word Challenge 16

It may be a bit fuzzy if you listen to the audio version.

Goal: I want to have more juicy words


…but what if I was in charge?…

What if I had all the power, it would be amazing the power to take over the earth! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! It would be PERFECT! Well time to take over. “Alright listen up I’m in charge now so bow to me I am your new master!” Screamed the crazy demented person, “Uhhhhh you know-” “Uh no no no! I’m your new master! ” Well I just wanted to say were in a role play”oh. (dramatic music plays) “Say something I’m giving up on you. Well, what if…  Hehehehe. ( 10 years later) The earth is mine, hahaha wink. 😉


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