100 Word Challenge 14

“Keep your legs high” said the coach.”There passing my territory” said an unknown voice , a beam of light struck at the runners. A terrible laugh went through out the woods “that’s what you deserve!” THE RUNNERS TURNED IN TO PURE WOOD! The creature had magical powers, “and welcome to 9 News were today we have found normal people who have turned into wood now I will give it to a civilian who caught the footage.”

“Well as you can see I caught some footage of  some people who turned into wood. (Gasp) ” PEOPLE I THINK WE HAVE FOUND A NEW CREATURE!” 😉


One thought on “100 Word Challenge 14”

  1. Nice story I think you did really well at making the story not to crazy and I like how you make the readers think “what will happen next?”. but I think you should improve on giving more details about characters and things.

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